I am a long-time business writer with extensive experience covering industries ranging from oil and gas to advertising to restaurants to digital signage. I hold a Master’s in Communication from the University of Louisville, where I serve as an adjunct professor. I have taught in both face-to-face and online environments and have designed and taught several online courses at U of L.

Here are some examples of white papers, case studies and news articles I’ve written:

Four Considerations for Digital Signage Implementation in Education – sponsored by NEC Display Solutions for DigitalSignageToday.com

Interactive Kiosks from the Hardware to the Software – sponsored by NEC Display Solutions for KioskMarketplace.com

Leveraging the Internet of Things with Wireless Networks – sponsored by Cradlepoint for DigitalSignageToday.com

Digital Signage in Health Care – Sponsored by NEC Display Solutions for DigitalSignageToday.com

Implementing a Billpay Kiosk – sponsored by US Payments for KioskMarketplace.com

Guide to Digital Signage Hardware – sponsored by HP for DigitalSignageToday.com

CO2 capture could boost Kemper County power costs – for the Mississippi Business Journal

Zoup! case study – Sponsored by NEXTEP SYSTEMS for DigitalSignageToday.com

Self Service Store Integration – sponsored by IBM for RetailCustomerExperience.com

CanadianExplorer – Newsletter covering the Canadian oil and gas industry

Guide to Projectors in Digital Signage – Sponsored by NEC Display Solutions for DigitalSignageToday.com

Digital Signage for Financial Institutions – Sponsored by LG Electronics for DigitalSignageToday.com

Trials and Tribulations of Building Video Walls – Sponsored by Premier Mounts

HDR and What It Means for LED Displays – Sponsored by Macroblock


Here are some examples of my blogging work:

Kiosks vs. Mobile Apps

Mobile Learning Delivers Significant Savings


Here’s one of my favorites; a piece about the birth of the interactive kiosk.

I actually used this device myself when I was a student at the University of Illinois.

The Birth of an Industry


Feel free to contact me at rslawsky@outlook.com

Connect with me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardslawsky/

For writing services, here is my resume

For educational purposes, here is my CV.





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